At OTAC Fury Force, members have access to 29 sessions weekly of strength training, conditioning, boxing and HIIT.

OTAC Fury Force small group and semi-private sessions are led by certified personal trainers. Trainers guide each client through exercises, teaching excellent form, modifications and variations. Semi-private sessions are created daily to meet the needs of the group, designed for a full body workout and offer lots of variety. 

This membership includes access to OTAC Spark, all Virtual classes, OTAC Iron and Kids Club.


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Includes Kid Care, Group Fitness and Gym Access

Includes Kid Care, Group Fitness and Gym Access

Includes Kid Care, Group Fitness and Gym Access

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classes offered

 This class is a strength based program designed to enhance muscular strength and endurance and improve lean body mass. Changing exercises and training modalities for continued progress and success, clients will see measurable results that can be monitored over time through a well thought out and structured program design.


This is conditioning at its best! Non-stop movement in multiple directions will help you increase your cardiovascular endurance while improving your core strength and overall body awareness and stability. Certified trainers will design workouts that will keep your heart rate up throughout the session - moving through exercises of cardiovascular conditioning and multiplane body weight exercises. Accessories such as ropes, balls, kettlebells, bikes, rowers, boxes, bands, and ladders may be incorporated. Each session is different and can be varied/modified to fit all levels. 


Studies have shown boxing styles of training can burn between 250-400 calories in a 30 minute period! This workout is a fantastic way to increase cardiovascular capacity, get great abs and arms, and a strong lower body! Boxing is a great way to release tension and increase confidence! Well suited for all fitness levels and a great compliment to your other FURY sessions!


This class is specifically designed to introduce you to more variety for an enhanced training experience. Using a combination of metabolic and strength based movements, this class will take your endurance, strength and stability to the next level!

Senior fury

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