Breathe Trainers

Kerry has been teaching Yoga for more than two decades and views Yoga as a path to greater health, freedom and love of self. Her hope is that every client, through their practice, will begin to know Yoga as a tool to help them achieve greater happiness and purpose. Kerry has a special gift for creating a safe and welcoming space for her clients, allowing them to learn and grow in their practice. 

kerry waters

Connie has been practicing yoga for decades and teaching the practice since 2020. Her first career as a military officer and electrical engineer taught her focus and success through sustainable practices. Connie employs the tools of her military experience in her teaching by emphasizing the function of each pose and offering accommodations for range of motion and anatomical differences. In her own life, Connie has embraced the practice of Yoga and sees fitness and flexibility as necessary habits of a lifetime. Through her careful, purposeful instruction and practice, Connie helps her client’s to realize for themselves that with movement the body remains young.

Connie Chintall

Yoga Instructor

yoga instructor

Rachael has been practicing Yoga for almost two decades, and has been an instructor of Yoga and Pilates since 2012. Her approach is to meet clients where they are in their body, without judgment. She offers careful, thoughtful, and appropriate programming and sequencing for her clients. Her decades of experience have given her an intuitive ability to cue clients on how to do and feel a movement and exercise. This individualized attention offers clarity, strength and confidence and helps clients to move towards their Yoga/Pilates goals. 

Rachael Shepherd

Mary has been providing Yoga instruction for over a decade. She believes the poses (asanas) in yoga are just the beginning of a beautiful, lifelong journey. Mary teaches well beyond the physical, encouraging clients to get deeper and connect with the emotional and spiritual side of themselves. Mary wants every body to feel welcome and comfortable in their practice. Her instruction offers different options for poses, so that students who would like to enhance their practice are challenged, and those who may need a little gentler day are also well served. 

mary holmes

Yoga Instructor

Yoga/Pilates instructor

Tara has been teaching a variety of exercise methods for decades. Wanting to share her love for group fitness, she initially certified as an AFAA Group Exercise Instructor which then led her to a more specialized Personal Training Certificate. Always looking to further her education, she became passionate about the benefits of the Pilates Method and earned her national certificate so that she could help others. Tara’s attention and focus on alignment and form provides a fresh and challenging work-out for her clients with every session. Tara is committed to helping her clients understand how Pilates principles can be applied, not only during sessions, but also in everyday activity. Her intention is to provide safe meaningful instruction that will help every client achieve their personal goals.

tara lee

Jamie has embraced the practice of pilates since 2013 and became a nationally certified trainer in 2022. Her objective with every client is to help them meet and even exceed their expectations. Jamie’s strength is helping clients who have had difficulty with traditional exercise programs due to special considerations such as, hypermobility, osteoporosis, scoliosis, pelvic issues, and recovery from injury or surgery. Regardless of any perceived limitation, Jamie believes there is a path for each client to safe movement and better health — because, helping people move better and feel better is why Jamie became a Pilates instructor.

jamie dineen

pilates Instructor

Pilates instructor

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