“Trust yourself – you know more than you think you do.”

This anonymous quote is stuck to my oven in the form of a magnetic sticker, given to me many years ago. Like most ideas, its meaning has changed for me as time has gone by. I think it was initially given to me as a way to boost my self-confidence and remind me to trust in my own judgment. Seems like great advice for all of us, right?

Now, as I see it, the quote encourages me to take a different type of action when I’m having “a moment of temporary insecurity,” as Martin Rooney, one of the fitness industry’s best motivators, states. The moment of insecurity he speaks of might cause me to freeze from fear of failure, or simply be unwilling to make a change to better myself. To overcome that insecurity, the action I’m now inspired to take may actually surprise you.

The fact is, I really should trust myself, because I do know the answer. The answer may lie, funnily enough, in the fact that I don’t know what to do!

I know that I don’t always know what to do.

Doesn’t sound all that profound, I know. But if I come to terms with the not knowing, it opens up an opportunity for me to seek advice from others that I do trust, others who are more knowledgeable than me in that particular field. I can even choose to look for answers by researching the matter at hand on my own. Once I’ve collected the knowledge I need (knowledge is power!), I can move forward.

Moving forward might be the most important part. Move not only to better yourself but also to accept responsibility for your hopes and dreams, or even be an inspiration to others! On some level, most people want a little guidance. When you know the right thing to do, and you take action, you are paving the way for others to follow. You are a living, breathing example to your family, your friends and to those who may look to you for inspiration when they “don’t know” and need your advice. Each time you take a small step, it builds momentum for a leap, and just like that, you become someone who has the knowledge to pass on.

Whether you do or don’t know your next move in response to a challenge, understand there is a definite action to carry you to that next step. Know that you will make mistakes. If you’re like me, my guess is you have already made many mistakes in your lifetime – and you have overcome them. You will overcome again and again, each and every time.

What is it that you want out of your life? Are you working toward becoming healthier, progressing in your career or being a better parent, spouse or community member? Whatever your aim, trust that you know how to get there…and trust that sometimes the “knowing” is asking for help.


Kim's Corner

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