In December of last year,Old Town Athletic Club on Walker Drive was transformed into the Old Town Athletic Campus with the addition of The Hub, a brand new space delivering an improved fitness experience with boutique-style exercise spaces.

Members of all fitness levels now have the ability to select memberships that cater to their specific goals. Options include OTAC Spark, or group exercise classes; OTAC Fury, or small group classes; OTAC Force, or semi-private training; and OTAC Focus, or one-on-one training. OTAC Breathe a yoga and Pilates membership, and Parisi Speed School, an athletic conditioning membership, are available at the lower building.

Now officially joining the lineup as of March 8, comes OTAC Iron, a utilitarian-style gym designed for the specific needs of independent exercisers, and OTAC’s most affordable option at $39 per month. Iron, operational since last December, has undergone extensive renovations to create an open floor plan that will house brand new cardio and weightlifting equipment.

Cole Forsten, the visionary behind Iron, has spent the last year preparing for its debut. “Iron has always been a dream of mine,”he says. “People deserve a space to work out that is open, clean and welcoming with plenty of amenities. You’ll find that both at Iron and at OTAC as a whole. Whether you’re a student, single, married or retired, you can find a form of exercise here that you love.”

One of Forsten’s main goals in creating Iron was to give members access to the best equipment at an affordable price point—without forfeiting quality. “It’s time that the independent exercising community has a place that allows them to work out the way they want,” says Forsten. “Our equipment will always be clean, operational, and upgraded on a regular basis. No one should have to forfeit amenities just because they like to work out independently.”

Iron members can enjoy brand new treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, selectorized equipment, and wide variety of cable options. For avid lifters—dumbbells from five to 150 pounds, squat racks, bumper plates, standard and specialty bars, and an outdoor workout area with a squat rack, a sled and monkey bars are available. There are also dedicated areas for stretching, ab and body weight work, and accessories like bands, plyo boxes, TRX systems, pull-up bars and more.

Additional amenities include a fully stocked juice bar, locker rooms with showers and a supplement and retail store. For members with young children, Kid Care is also offered as an option.

There is just one more thing Forsten wants the community to know. “There is a common misconception about integrating health into your life,” he says. “People think they have to get in shape before joining a gym, and that’s just not the case. We are here to help people at any stage of their fitness journey. You don’t have to wait until you reach certain goals to come see us.”

In the month of March, OTAC Iron is offering a 10% discount for new members, bringing the monthly price from $39 to $35. To learn more about becoming a member of OTAC Iron, Spark, Force, Fury, Focus, Breathe or Parisi, call (540) 349-2791.

‘It’s Time’: OTAC Iron Fitness Center Opens to Community


How many times have you jumped into an exercise or weight loss program full-steam ahead only to find within a few weeks you are burned out, discouraged and sometimes even a few pounds heavier than before you began?

You are not alone.

Popular culture has brought us up to believe there are quick-fix secrets to getting in shape and “having the life and body you have always wanted.”

The truth: there are no permanent quick-fix secrets. Healthy living is a lifelong journey- not a 5, 10 or 100 pound weight loss destination.

Getting in shape for life requires planning, setting realistic goals and expectations and taking it one day at a time, one step at a time.

So let’s focus on the journey!

First, take a little time to sit down and answer the following questions thoughtfully and honestly:

Are you physically ready to begin exercising? Have you spoken to your doctor?
Envision how your life would be different one year from now if you were to become physically active. Where would you be? How would you feel? What would you look like?
Why do you want a healthier and more active lifestyle? For change to be successful, it has to be aligned with your core values. Be honest here. Why is this change important to you? What is your primary reason for becoming more physically active?
How will you personally benefit from becoming physically active? How will your family benefit from this change? List at least four benefits to help you stay focused.
What obstacles and challenges will you face when beginning your fitness program? How will you overcome them? Be specific.
What people, resources and systems can you rely on for support? Make a list of the types of physical activities you enjoy or can envision yourself trying.

Next, don’t hesitate – get started today! Click here (.pdf) to download a free six-week fitness planner.

Commit to making the small suggested changes each week as part of your personal wellness plan.

You will soon find fitness becoming a regular, pleasurable and gratifying part of your life; and you will be amazed at how great you will feel.


Kim's Corner

When you first begin an exercise program, results are noticeable almost immediately. Most individuals reach a point, however, where they are no longer growing faster, stronger or losing weight. This frustrating experience is known as reaching a fitness plateau. Don’t let a plateau discourage you! Follow the tips below to put your body back on the forward track.

1.) Keep Your Body Guessing

If you consistently perform the same types of exercises, you will consistently see the same results. Keep your body guessing by introducing different types of physical activities. If you always use the elliptical machine or stationary bike, for example, try a group fitness class or running outdoors instead. Vary your workouts weekly for optimal results.

2.) Check your Diet

Keep a food journal for a week or two and take a good look at the types of foods and amounts you are putting into your body. It is easy to pick up small habits that add up to big calories (such as drinking iced mochas instead of black coffee in the summer months and snacking on handfuls of popcorn and candy at the movie theatre).

3.) Increase the Duration, Intensity and/or Frequency of Your Workouts

Slowly increasing the duration, intensity and frequency of your workouts is a great way to progress your personal fitness program and push through plateaus. If you have been exercising for 30 minutes, three times per week, try going up to 45 minutes, three times per week. If you have been walking, pick up the pace to a light jog.

4.) Get Inspired! Consider Training for a Fitness Event

Training for a special event or activity is a great way to stay inspired and take your fitness routine to the next level. Consider joining a sports league or registering yourself for a charity race.

5.) Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Rest

Too much exercise can also lead to fitness plateaus if your body is tired and burned out—so be sure not to overdo it. The quality of your workouts is much more important than the quantity. Also be sure you are getting enough sleep so that muscles have time to recover between workouts and you have the strength and energy to perform at your best.

A fitness plateau is simply our body’s way of telling us it is time for a change–so go ahead, mix it up!


Kim's Corner

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