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HeadshotsWhenever I hear someone call a person a “go-getter,”I know the words are meant to show admiration for a person’s ambition and energy. In this country, we show off our busy lives like a badge, telling anyone who will listen how busy we are. This outlook probably evolved because we value hard work, and we want to be seen as tireless go-getters who do everything we can for our families.

One day I really started to examine the way of life of a go-getter. I started to consider what this term actually means.

If you really think about it, the go in “go-getter” is a directionless word, absent a destination. In life, we’re all about the go, go, go, spinning in circles but not always making measurable progress toward an objective.

Imagine how your life would change if you knew exactly where you were going. If we all took a moment to establish a few specific goals each day, week, month, or year, and went after them with purpose, our lives might feel more rewarding and less chaotic.

Take a look at these short-term goals and think about which ones you’d like to see happen in your life more often:

– Spend 2 hours more each week with my family members
– Prepare a meal at home tonight and sit down as a family to enjoy it
– Mindfully relax for at least 10 minutes each day
– Pack my lunch a few times this week instead of going out to lunch
– Enjoy a date night with my spouse
– Commit to 3 days per week of exercise
– Replace soda with more nutritious drinks
– Explore another form of exercise and discover something I might really enjoy
– Complete a project at work that I’ve been procrastinating over

Now that we’re in January, consider all the fresh opportunities to set new and long-term goals for the year. Our lives can certainly stay busy, but we can feel better about how our hours and days are spent when there are tangible priorities and goals on the horizon.

Instead of go, go, go-ing into each new day, steer towards something that’s important to you and to your family. Be a goal-getter! Your accomplishments will amaze you.





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